With fines mounting, Alex Jones appears for questioning in Sandy Hook damages lawsuit

Hartford, Connecticut – Alex Jones was questioned on Wednesday by a lawyer for the families of Sandy Hook’s victims in Connecticut, where a judge ordered the host of Infowars to penalties for mounting faces until he appeared at the testimony.

Relatives of some of the 20 children and six educators killed in the 2012 Newtown Massacre in Connecticut have sued Jones for defamation after saying the shooting never happened. Judge determined that Jones was liable for damages and the trial on how much to pay the families is scheduled for August.

Jones, who lives in Texas, disobeyed the judge’s order to appear at the hearing in the case, saying that he was too ill. But Connecticut judge Barbara Belis said there was not enough evidence that Jones was too ill to attend and ordered him to come to Connecticut for questioning and pay ever-increasing daily fines until he did. According to court records, Jones paid a $ 25,000 fine for Friday and a $ 50,000 fine for Monday.

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Jones said in a video on the Infowars website that testimony began on Tuesday and will continue on Wednesday. He said in the video that the family’s lawyers started giving testimony by “demonizing” him because he was examining the official versions of events.

“It’s completely insane to sit there and watch this happen and watch them lick their lips and lick their chops and think we’re finally going to shut down Alex Jones,” Jones said. “These people want to put us in jail for our speech.”

Jones’ lawyer, Norman Pattis, said that his temperament occasionally flared up during his testimony on Tuesday, and that most of the interrogation was not related to the shooting at the school.

I had the impression watching the attack on Mr. Jones that this trial would be about something much bigger than what happened in Sandy Hook, Pattis said on the recording. “The trial will be about the ability of ordinary people to say I’m not buying it, I want to ask questions, I want to draw my own conclusions.”

The family’s lawyer, Christopher Mattei, said that Jones declared his “entire statement confidential even while he and his lawyer are conducting media interviews in which details are being discussed.”

“Therefore, we cannot comment further at this time,” Mattei said.

The confirmation was held at the Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder office in Bridgeport. After it ended Wednesday, Pattis filed a court document asking Bellis to return Jones $ 75,000 in the name of the fees he paid, which the judge said he could ask for only after he sat down for questioning. Bellis did not judge immediately.

Jones missed the originally scheduled presentation in the March 23 and 24 case in Austin, Texas. He cited a health problem, including dizziness, which his doctors initially thought was a serious heart problem, but turned out to be a sinus infection.

Prosecutors said they were subjected to harassment and death threats by Jones’ followers over a conspiracy of fraud promoted on his website. Jones has since admitted that the shooting happened.

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