Who is Elizabeth Olsen’s husband Robbie Arnett?

AWARD-winning actress Elizabeth Olsen garners headlines for her numerous film and television roles.

When Elizabeth isn’t sharing screen time with The Avengers, her husband Robbie Arnett often accompanies her to Hollywood events.

Elizabeth Olsen and Robbie Arnett keep details of their marriage under wraps, here's a look at their relationship timeline


Elizabeth Olsen and Robbie Arnett keep details of their marriage under wraps, here’s a look at their relationship timelineCredit: Getty

Who is Elizabeth Olsen’s husband Robbie Arnett?

Born on March 3, 1992, Robbie Arnett is a member of the indie-pop music band, Milo Greene.

In July 2012, the group released their self-titled debut studio album.

Regarding Milo Greene’s formation and early years, Robbie told Filler magazine: “The four of us all came from separate bands.”

“We were all the singers and the leads of our individual bands, so when we came together, we were conscious about not having a focal point or lead singer.”

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The singer added: “We are really inspired by film. When we first started talking about making music together, we wanted something that would possibly score films.”

“That was our initial thought, we weren’t even thinking about being a band.”

“At first, everyone was asking how we categorize ourselves, and that’s the weirdest, hardest question to answer.”

Robbie went on to say: “So we were just like, ‘It’s cinematic pop I guess,’ because they are pop songs, and we like movies.”

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“We definitely have a cohesive thought to make a full album, rather than focusing on one or two really good songs.”

On June 28, 2022, the musician teamed up with his wife Elizabeth to release their first book together titled, Hattie Harmony: Worry Detective.

How did Elizabeth and Robbie meet?

In February 2017, Elizabeth and Robbie reportedly started dating after they met while vacationing in Mexico.

A source told E! Online at the time: “They are in an exclusive relationship and Lizzie is excited about him.”

While coincidentally vacationing in Mexico at the same time, the pair crossed paths and started dating


While coincidentally vacationing in Mexico at the same time, the pair crossed paths and started datingCredit: Getty

“She deserves it. It’s very new though, but they seem to like each other a lot already.”

By September of that year, the two made their red carpet debut as a couple at the Gersh Agency’s pre-Emmy party in Los Angeles, California.

When did Elizabeth and Robbie marry?

In July 2019, Elizabeth and Robbie were confirmed to be engaged.

While sitting down with Variety, the Marvel actress accidentally revealed she and Robbie tied the knot to interviewer Kaley Cuoco.

The WandaVision star referred to the musician as her husband, which effectively confirmed their nuptials to the public.

Although an exact wedding date is unknown, the couple shared that they held their nuptials before the Coronavirus lockdown in 2020.

Elizabeth told The Jess Cagle Show: “We never really talked much about our marriage.”

“We eloped, and then we had a wedding at another time, but it was before COVID. I just never talked about it.”

The Golden Globe-nominated actress further shared: “I had to work in England and there are visa issues with that.”

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“He wouldn’t have been able to come at all actually and also everything was so backed up.”

“You couldn’t even like try to get married then, but it ended up working out.”

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