Volodymyr Zelenskyy tells 60 Minutes what he saw in Bucha: “Death. Just death.”

60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelly interviewed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the government building in Kiev for a two-part report that will be broadcast on Sunday, 60 minutes after the report on the Masters.

“What does the world need to understand?” Pelley asked Zelensky.

“We defend the ability of man to live in the modern world. They say we defend Western values. I always say, what are Western values? Someone who lives in the United States or Europe, doesn’t he love children too? Won’t their children go to We have the same values. We defend the right to life. I never thought this right was so expensive. These are human values. So Russia does not choose what we should do and how I use my rights. That right was given to me by God and my parents, “Zelenski said.

Pelley also went to Butch, where residents were killed and evidence of war crimes emerged. Zelenskyy visited Bucha this week; When Pelley asked what he saw there, Zelenskyy replied: “Death. Only death.”

Pelley has been reporting on the war in Ukraine since it broke out. He spoke to refugees and those trying to help them from the train station near the Polish-Ukrainian border, and embedded with medical volunteers in Lviv while delivering much-needed supplies to the country as hospitals, health facilities and ambulances were attacked.

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