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ENGLAND will hope for another big win after the results against Scotland and Italy were previously good.

Wales had fewer wins, but still managed to score four attempts in each match which means he secured bonus points.

He is putting pressure on this match, because both teams are currently first on the table together with France.

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  • Start time: 16.45 BST

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  • England 19-0 Wales

    39. Wales is awarded a penalty to reduce some of the pressure.

    They have to play stages and not give possession to the hosts before the whistle at half time.

    Scrum to England while Wales was punished for knocking.

  • England 19-0 Wales

    38. Wales is penalized for air strikes.

    A debatable decision looking at the answer.

    The balls seem to leave the player and go forward before she is attacked.

  • England 19-0 Wales

    36. Kildunne works well as England switch the ball from right to left.

    The substitution plays at the right time to allow Jess Breach to move into the corner.

    Harrison pretends.

  • Try it – Jess Breach (England)

  • England 12-0 Wales

    34. The English driving force crossed halfway in front of the Welsh stations.

    Guests struggle to keep the Red Roses out.

  • England 12-0 Wales

    32. Wales managed to push England back into the Welsh twenty-two.

    Wilkins takes a cross from the cross field that perfectly finds Joyce.

    The Welsh play through the stages until Wilkins enters half of England.

    England returned the favor and Wilkins decided.

  • England 12-0 Wales

    30. England lost another line despite a good throw by Lark Davies.

    Wales is currently under a lot of pressure.

    I try to keep England at a distance.

  • England 12-0 Wales

    27. Wales is making some big hits today and looks a lot more physical than last week against Scotland.

    Considering they gave over 60 points to Wales the last time the two teams met, this is a huge difference in performance.

    Rowland shoots down the wing under the advantage of a high-breaking penalty.

  • England 12-0 Wales

    25. In their two previous games we have seen Wales come out as a completely different team in the second half.

    If they manage to reach halftime without receiving points they are more than still in this game.

    England conquers their line halfway and tries to get Wales back.

  • England 12-0 Wales

    23. England shoots down the field, Harrison misses the touch.

    Neumann misjudges this and throws the ball forward.

    A chance for another ride through England.

  • England 12-0 Wales

    21. The English attackers were driving towards the Welsh line and the defense was really fighting to keep them.

    Abbie Ward takes the pass and crosses.

    Harrison pretends to try.

  • Try – Abbie Ward (England)

  • England 5-0 Wales

    19. Wales wants to slow down the game through the stages.

    England put a lot of pressure on the Welsh and England turned the ball around.

    Red roses go through stages in the territory of Wales.

  • England 5-0 Wales

    17. Wales is currently struggling to control England.

    The break due to injury seems to have really stifled Wales ’momentum.

    When England attacks, with the crowd behind them, they look dangerous.

  • England 5-0 Wales

    16. From the line, England immediately looked to drive on the line.

    Wales is struggling to cope with the English strike and drive.

    Lark Davies picked up the ball and crossed the line.

    Harrison hits upright with the conversion, back in the game.

  • Try it – Lark Davies (England)

  • England 0-0 Wales

    15. The game continues.

    Thoughts go to Abby Dow with her injury.

    England with a lineup of meters from the Welsh line.

  • England 0-0 Wales – The game is still suspended

    Medical teams are still trying to safely get Abby Dow off the field.

  • England 0-0 Wales

    14. Ellie Kildunne warms up for England.

    Hopefully Abby Dow wasn’t too hurt, she seemed to be in some pain.

    She pulls herself off the field as players continue to warm up exercises.

    Kildunne plays for the Dow.

  • England 0-0 Wales

    13. England used the penalty to find a touch deep in Welsh territory.

    The Welsh again disrupted the English line and almost stole the ball.

    Scarratt breaks through the Welsh defense, receiving the ball on the run.

    Abby Dow has a serious injury and the game is stopped.

  • England 0-0 Wales

    12. Wales draws England in well.

    Then quickly take out the ball and try to expand the game.

    The addition is in place without handling errors.

    Kayleigh Powell looks dangerous on the wing.

  • England 0-0 Wales

    10. Kayleigh Powell’s great break that breaks the English lines.

    She passed with only two English players in front of her.

    Support was slow to reach her and the game broke down.

  • England 0-0 Wales

    8. Wales wants to slow down when they have the ball.

    It was raised on the judge’s microphone. The Welsh used to say ‘slow down’ to each other.

    It is important for their game plan not to let England dictate the pace of the game.

  • England 0-0 Wales

    7. Scrum will be a big test for Wales today.

    The referee awards a penalty for Wales while England is penalized in a Welsh match.

    Wilkins shoots at touch for the Welsh lineup.

  • England 0-0 Wales

    5. Sioned Harries continues where she left off last week.

    Running the ball from the defense with English shots bouncing off it.

    Harris looks like a player.

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