Soccer Aid – England 2 World XI 1 LIVE SCORE: Grennan and Wright put Three Lions up – updates from Unicef charity game

ENGLAND have equalised against the World XI in Soccer Aid after both sides scored penalties.

Chunkz brought down Patrice Evra to give Noah Beck a golden opportunity to score, before Beck returned the favour to foul Chunkz, with Mark Wright slotting home the equaliser.

Charity fundraiser Soccer Aid is returning to the capital to raise money for a fantastic cause – Unicef.

Thought of in 2006 by iconic song-writer Robbie Williams, a combination of ex-professional footballers and celebrities make up an England side and likewise for a Rest of the World XI team.

  • Kick off time: 7.30pm UK
  • TV channel: ITV 1
  • Live stream: ITV Hub
  • England team: David James, Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, Mark Wright, Sir Mo Farah, Liam Payne, Fara Williams, Mark Noble, Tom Grennan, Teddy Sheringham, Alex Brooker.
  • World XI team: Petr Cech, Cafu, Mo Gilligan, Patrice Evra, Roberto Carlos, Noah Beck, Martin Compston, Mark Strong, Heather O’Reilly, Andriy Schevchenko, Usain Bolt.

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  • England XI 2-2 Rest of the World XI

    62. That is Kem Cetinay’s fourth goal in Soccer Aid.

    Mark Wright went from hero to zero playing a short pass to a goalkeeper with a potentially damaged hamstring.

    Definite assist for ‘Made in Crawley’.

  • Goal – Kem Cetinay (Rest of the World XI)

  • England XI 2-1 Rest of the World XI

    59. Neville wins a free kick out on the left.

    The player turned pundit can see the funny side of it.

    Damien Lewis looks to get things moving, hoping to have some part to play in another goal for his Homeland.

  • England XI 2-1 Rest of the World XI

    57. Cafu does well down the left hand side.

    His curling ball into the back post seems perfectly weighted for Berbatov.

    The ex-Man Utd striker looks as though he has forgotten to play football since his retirement with a first touch like a wrecking ball.

    Credit: Reuters
  • England XI 2-1 Rest of the World XI

    55. Harewood manages to carry on which is great news for Harry Redknapp.

    He was close to having to put someone from the crowd in goals then.

    Alex Brooker is joking with the manager on the line with the goalkeeping gloves on.

  • England XI 2-1 Rest of the World XI

    53. David Harewood seems to be struggling with a hamstring issue.

    There must be something about Harry Redknapp sides and injuries.

    We all remember Harry’s Heroes where there were more muscle pulls than an over-60 football match.

  • England XI 2-1 Rest of the World XI

    51. Grennan sets off again trying to get onto a pass.

    This time the legend that is Cafu ensures he is in no danger of getting onto that one.

    Meanwhile Usain Bolt chases a long ball but is beaten to it by the England goalkeeper.

  • England XI 2-1 Rest of the World XI

    49. You can see he enjoyed that one.

    It was like he scored the winner in the final in Qatar there.

    Good finish by the singer who used to play for Luton Town also.

    Credit: Reuters
  • England XI 2-1 Rest of the World XI

    47. Tom Grennan runs onto a threaded ball through to put it past Tom Stoltman.

    He aims for the far corner with his effort.

    Stoltman with such a large frame, Grennan knew ‘This is the Place’ to put it in order to score.

  • Goal – Tom Grennan (England XI)

  • England XI 1-1 Rest of the World XI

    46. It is rare the half-time show is longer than the football but we are finally back with you after what seems an age.

    Kemal Cetinay tries to win a header but is beaten by Gary Neville.

    England clear the ball.

  • Kick-off: England XI 1-1 Rest of the World XI

    We are back underway at the London Stadium.

    It is the Rest of the World XI who get us started.

    Let’s hope of plenty of goals in the second half.

  • HT: England XI 1-1 Rest of the World XI

    It was an emotional start to the game seeing Andriy Schevchenko being given the captain’s armband which was a Ukrainian flag.

    The ex-AC Milan striker has been doing a lot to raise awareness and aid for his home country during these adverse times.

    You could see it meant a lot to him as well.

    Credit: Rex
  • HT: England XI 1-1 Rest of the World XI

    It has been a half of two penalties so far.

    Both tucked away not giving the goalkeepers much of a chance.

    Let’s hope for more goals in the second half.

    Credit: PA
  • HT: England XI 1-1 Rest of the World XI

    Let us not forget the reason why we are all here today.

    As the footage shows in such places as Bangladesh, the horrendous floods have claimed many lives.

    For only ¬£30, you can donate a ‘school in a box’ to ensure that the local children have all that is needed to give them an education.

    You do not realise how good we have it until you see those who do not.

  • HT: England XI 1-1 Rest of the World XI

    Mark Clattenburg brings the half to a close.

    Entertaining 45 minutes showing why many of these players are actually actors, singers and YouTubers.

    The fans seem to enjoy it never the less.

  • England XI 1-1 Rest of the World XI

    45. Well that goal was most definitely ‘Made in Crawley’.

    The scripted actor turned League Two footballer manages to put it in the bottom corner just evading Petr Cech.

    The ex-Chelsea keeper unable to get to it.

    Credit: PA
  • Goal – Mark Wright (England XI)

  • England XI 0-1 Rest of the World XI

    43. Chunkz gets up and grabs the ball wanting to take the penalty.

    Jamie Carragher pulls rank and tells him, not today my YouTubing friend.

    It looks as though Mark Wright will take it.

  • England XI 0-1 Rest of the World XI

    41. Russell Howard finds Mark Wright.

    He whips the ball in and finds Chunkz who goes down in stages.

    All around him demanding a decision.

  • England XI 0-1 Rest of the World XI

    39. Robbie Keane comes on for Mo Gilligan.

    You can feel Carragher and Neville’s groans as he joins the game.

    Usian Bolt has been causing the England defence enough problems without the addition of the Irish striker.

  • England XI 0-1 Rest of the World XI

    37. It is good to see that Mark Clattenburg is still as sharp as any Premier League referee.

    Getting decisions completely wrong without a VAR room to tell him to go and look at a monitor.

    Joe Cole tries his luck from outside the box but Petr Cech is equal to it and tips the ball wide of the post.

  • England XI 0-1 Rest of the World XI

    35. Joe Cole still has the skills to pay the bills.

    He finds Tom Grennan who finds Mo Farah at the back post through more luck than judgement.

    Farah goes down claiming a penalty from the challenge from Evra.

  • England XI 0-1 Rest of the World

    33. Cafu makes his way into the box again.

    He is clearly brought down by Russell Howard.

    Fortunately for England the referee demands the Brazilian stands up and is not having that there was contact.

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