Revamped and renamed Paley Center for Media to host open house on Saturday

NEW YORK – Players are preparing because the cultural institution in Midtown has been transformed into a digital era.

Natalie Duddridge of CBS2 got an inside look on Thursday.

The Paley Media Center on West 52nd Street, formerly known as the Museum of TV and Radio, received an upgrade from the pandemic, with a new game studio and virtual reality lab. It opens to the public this weekend.

“Games and interactive entertainment are a big part of the media and have a huge impact on culture,” said Maureen Reidy, president and CEO of the center.

Reidy says video games are more than fun. She says video games throughout the pandemic have enabled children and adults to interact virtually and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

“As the mom of an 11-year-old gamer, she asks me to go to coding class. It really arouses interest in STEM classes,” Reidy said. “We have coding classes to teach children how to design their own games, meetings and greetings of influential people, eSports tournaments.”

You can also return the top to history. The museum’s permanent collection offers more than 150,000 old TV and radio recordings. The Center also holds regular discussions and debates about the ever-evolving media landscape.

The Paley Center is offering a free Open House this Saturday.

And for Trekis out there, this month the Paley Center has a Star Trek exhibition for the whole family. Click here for more information.

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