Optical illusion of a ‘hollow mask’ reveals shocking truths about the way your brain is wired

ONE optical illusion of a hollow mask reveals shocking truths about how your brain is connected.

The illusion of a hollow mask activates certain regions of the brain.

The rotating hollow mask represents an optical illusion


The rotating hollow mask represents an optical illusion

In this illusion you can perceive a concave face, as if you see the back of a mask, as a normal face.

The illusion calls for the way our brain processes the visual world.

This means that the brain uses bottom-up processing, or what it usually sees, with top-down processing, which is what it expects to see based on previous experiences.

Because of that, we may not understand the shadows and the perception of depth.

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But not everyone will be able to see this illusion.

For example, those living with schizophrenia may not be deceived by this illusion.

This is because the sensory and conceptual areas of their brain are differently connected.

The same can be said for those who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The face is an interesting illusion for other reasons as well.

Some neuroscientists believe we have special relationships with faces because we have regions of the brain specifically dedicated to processing them.

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This makes it difficult to process the illusion.

But for some, the illusion is so strong that I can’t go back to a concave face.

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