My dream date sent me a text meant for his friend – seeing what he really thought of me was horrific

ONE DAMSEL in distress thought she had found an incredible guy to date – but she soon realized he was far from it when I saw a message meant for a friend.

Her dreamy man had been sending her the sweetest messages until he texted something he shouldn’t have.

A woman was under the impression she had found a nice guy, but she was proven wrong


A woman was under the impression she had found a nice guy, but she was proven wrongCredit: TikTok
The man sent her exactly what he thought of her, and it didn't go well


The man sent her exactly what he thought of her, and it didn’t go wellCredit: TikTok

In a video clip the formerly lovestruck woman shared on social media, she explained how well the conversation started.

She even showed texts of the man complimenting her when they were trying to set up a time to meet for their date.

And although they both admitted they would be coming straight from their jobs and therefore be wearing their work clothes, the man said it wouldn’t be a problem.

“I’m sure you’ll look beautiful either way.

“I’m a lucky guy to take you out,” he gushed.

However, the mood of the conversation immediately changed when the man sent a photo of the woman in a bikini to her along with a text that was clearly not meant for her.

The text read: “No bro. She’s a solid four and I would for sure keep it on the low.

“But desperate times call for desperate measures.

“Beggars can’t be choosers.

“All I saw was [boobs] and an easy lay.”

As soon as he realized who he had sent the message to, he immediately apologized and tried to clarify what had gone wrong.

“I was talking about someone else and clicked your picture on accident. My bad,” he said.

Needless to say, the woman was left speechless and her video made it look like that was the end of their conversation.

Viewers of the woman’s video rallied behind her and encouraged her to look at the brighter side of things.

“A four? A four!? Is he blind?

“Girl, you dodged a major bullet. Hang in there!” one person commented.

Others went on to suggest he’d actually sent the message to her on purpose.

“What bothers me most is that him sending it to you seems secretly intentional.

“What kind of monster does that?!” a second person questioned.

“Nah that was 100% on purpose,” added a third.

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And while the woman realized how disrespectful the guy was over text, another woman found out while she was on the date.

In fact, the date went so poorly, she got out of the man’s car and ordered an Uber because she couldn’t stand to be in his presence any longer.

The message the woman received was completely insulting


The message the woman received was completely insultingCredit: TikTok

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