More and more events on streets of NYC, but concerns about rise in COVID cases persist

NEW YORK – In the last few weeks, there has been an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases. Officials say this is probably the result of sub-option BA.2.

As Leah Mishkin of CBS2 reported on Saturday, the number is on the rise as many public events have returned to the city.

It is an oasis for vintage lovers. More than 90 dealers in one space, selling everything from clothes to jewelry.

The two-day event on West 18th Street returns to this pandemic for the first time without the need for masks.

“We follow New York State guidelines and hope people make decisions based on what makes them the safest and healthiest,” said curator Amy Abrams.

Walking through the Manhattan Vintage Show, you see some people who decide to wear masks, and some without them.

“We have asked everyone who does not feel well not to attend, both traders and customers. For now, everything is fine,” Abrams said.

Other events are open this weekend as well. The Whitney Biennale returns with demands for masks. There was also a bustling Japanese open-air food festival on Sixth Avenue.

This is what many New Yorkers wanted to see, events are reopening, life in this city, but epidemiologist Stephanie Silver says just be careful because the number of cases is currently on the rise.

“They reached a low around the first week of March. There were about 600 new cases a day. There are now about 1,600 new cases a day in New York,” Silvera said.

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Silvera says that although you are more likely to have mild to moderate symptoms if you are vaccinated, doctors still do not know what long-term effect the virus will have on people’s bodies.

“This virus may be associated with an increased risk of being diagnosed with diabetes, especially in children. If you will be in a group environment where you do not know other people’s vaccinations or COVID status, my recommendation would be to continue wearing the mask, especially if you or someone else in your family at higher risk for a more difficult outcome, ”Silvera said.

“I’m holding a mask and I’m definitely a little cautious in general,” New Yorker Michael Wetzel said.

“I’m vaccinated. I’m fine,” added Earl Yancey, who was visiting from North Carolina.

Different people will have different views. Now you have the opportunity to attend the event.

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