Mind-bending optical illusion tricks you into seeing a different landscape – can you spot it?

A WILD optical illusion has tricked viewers into seeing a completely different landscape.

Dean Jackson shared the illusion to his TikTok account in a video, which has been viewed more than 25million times.

Jackson shared the illusion in a viral video


Jackson shared the illusion in a viral videoCredit: Shutterstock
The video has been viewed more than 25million times


The video has been viewed more than 25million timesCredit: Shutterstock / Martin Valigursky/TIKTOK

“If you’re here for the first time, you’re seeing a black and white photo of a bridge,” Jackson says at the start of the video.

“If you’re back for the second time, you’re hopefully seeing it in color.”

Jackson goes on to explain the illusion and how, by staring at a circle in the center of the photo, your eyes can see color even when it isn’t there.

“Whatever you do, keep looking right at the center of that circle,” he says.

He emphasized the importance of continuing to look at the circle even when the video loops back to the beginning.

“If your eyes move, the color will be lost,” he says.

The colors on the screen shift while viewers stare at the circle.

Jackson explains the reason for this change, saying, “the psychedelic colors you’re seeing at the moment are designed to fatigue some of the receptors in the retina at the back of your eye.”

“When I remove them [the colors], only the ones needed to color the picture should be stimulated,” Jackson continues.

The video then loops back to the beginning, leaving viewers to test the illusion.

“Amazing, saw very vibrant colours,” one TikToker commented on the video.

“Woahhh, I didn’t expect the colour to be so vibrant,” another person wrote.

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“AHHHH incredible!! Only saw it for a split second but it was In full colour!,” someone else wrote.

“I honestly thought it was a different pic when the vid started again,” another said.

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