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Charles meets Syrian refugees during a full day tour of Cumbria

The Prince of Wales met with refugees from war-torn Syria during a day trip to Cumbria.

Charles spoke with two families who found security and built new lives in Britain after fleeing the war abroad.

The royal visitor spoke to them after meeting with local farmers and business owners at Hutton-in-the-Forest, a 1st-class protected house near the village of Skelton.

Riyad Moussa (45), his wife Myassa Moussa (40) and their four daughters, Jamila (14), Jana (7), Hana (6) and Joanna (4), spent time talking to Charles.

The family, originally from Aleppo, fled Syria to Lebanon and moved to Carlisle in 2017.

They were one of the first families among about 250 people relocated to the area from Syria, the Middle East, North Africa and Afghanistan thanks to the Ministry of the Interior, UNHCR and the Cumbria County Council.

Jamila, who translated for her father, said that their house in Aleppo was bombed by Russian forces in Syria, which caused the family to flee their homeland.

The Prince asked them how they were and whether they enjoyed life in the UK.

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