Mark Zuckerberg says metaverse could REPLACE some of your belongings – including TV

MARK Zuckerberg thinks that the metaverse means we could eventually do away with some physical goods.

The billionaire Meta boss – who runs Facebook and Instagram – imagines a future where some parts of our lives are carried out in virtual worlds.

Do you need a physical TV if you have one in the metaverse?


Do you need a physical TV if you have one in the metaverse?Credit: Meta
You can already create a virtual home inside Mark Zuckerberg's Horizon metaverse


You can already create a virtual home inside Mark Zuckerberg’s Horizon metaverseCredit: Meta

The metaverse is like a collection of virtual worlds, many of which will be accessed through virtual reality headsets.

In these worlds, you’ll be able to live, work and play – and even meet up friends or strangers.

Some suspect that household objects like a sound system or TV won’t be needed in real life because you could just generate a virtual one in the metaverse – Mark Zuckerberg included.

“Look around: how many things that are physical need to be,” Mark Zuckerberg asked, speaking to journalists at a private briefing attended by The Sun.

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“A chair does, but a lot of things don’t.”

He mentioned that it would be possible to generate TV screens of a significant size – well over 100 inches – in virtual reality.

You can already watch TV inside Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Quest 2 headset too.

The Netflix app allows you to watch your favourite shows on a giant virtual screen in a comfortable location – like a mountaintop chalet.

It’s not just virtual reality that could replace a TV either.

We could also see augmented reality glasses – which overlay graphics on the real world around you – perform a similar function.

In fact similar technology already exists – The Sun has already tested a virtual TV with N-Real and EE.

You would simply be able to look at a blank wall and project a giant TV on it using a pair of glasses.

It would be invisible to everyone else – unless they were also using technology to simulate the same effect.

You could imagine a future where a house doesn’t need decorations because they could all be added virtually – using VR or AR.

Similarly, would children need to attend schools in the future…or just drop into a virtual alternative using VR?

Zuckerberg is already working to move some parts of the workplace in the metaverse using his new Horizon Workrooms app.

And we’re even seeing some lessons inside the metaverse, including virtual yoga classes.

Zuckerberg’s comments came during a briefing about creating a metaverse with “basically perfect fidelity”.

That would mean the virtual world would be indistinguishable from reality visually.

So while it might have sci-fi contraptions inside, it would appear as genuine vision to our eyes.

But hopeful Zuck admits that this dream is still years away.

“Current VR systems can give you a sense in another place,” Zuckerberg explained

“It’s hard to describe with words how profound that is.

“But we still have long way to go to get to this level of visual realism we have today.

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“The human visual system is complex and deeply integrated.

“To get that feeling of immersion, you need all of the other visual cues that go with that”

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