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Fans blast Fiz Stape for ‘shameful’ comment

Corrie regulars have turned their back on Fiz Stape for “enabling” violent ex John Stape and branding his victim a “strumpet.”

Fans of the ITV soap were incensed when the mum took daughter Hope aside to tell all about her father.

Played by actor Graeme Hawley from 1998 until 2011, John went from a teacher who had an affair with pupil Rosie Webster to one of Corrie’s notorious serial killers.

Fiz was joined by ex Tyrone to tackle the tough conversation, attempting to reassure the youngster that John, who has since died, had still loved her during his lifetime.

Yet after Jennie McAlpine’s character attempted to “blame” Rosie for getting kidnapped, fans started to become angry.

One took to Twitter to rage: “Not Fiz STILL enabling John even after everything he did long after his death. #Corrie.”

Another posted: “Fiz blaming Rosie for getting kidnapped because she was a strumpet. Not cool. #Corrie,” as a third continued: “‘He only kidnapped Rosie cos his affair with her ended his career’ OMG Fiz is genuinely tryna defend Stape while desperately pining all the blame on Rosie now really? #Corrie.”

One then mused: “Fiz of all people should know that you can’t possibly condense the history of an icon such as John Stape into a single conversation. #Corrie.”

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