Madman Putin ‘thinks west will BLINK first’ as paranoid despot ‘losing grip on power’

Pro-Russian troops MUTINY on cam & slam Putin

INCREDIBLE footage has emerged of the moment pro-Russian troops mutiny on camera and slam Vladimir Putin for their treatment.

The soldiers – claiming to be from the 113th rifle regiment of the Donetsk People’s Republic – are heard lashing out at Putin for sending them into battle “with no food or equipment”.

Their commander also claims that men with young children and others with chronic medical conditions have been sent into the heat of battle.

He says: “Our company, consisting of the 5th Infantry Battalion of the 113th Infantry Regiment, was on the frontlines in the Kherson region of Ukraine.

“For that time the personnel overcame cold and hunger and for a considerable period we did so without material support, medical supplies or food.

“The mobilisation of our unit took place without any medical examinations, and there are those among our unit who in accordance with the laws of the Donetsk People’s Republic should not be mobilised. 

“There are members of our personnel who suffer from chronic diseases and others who are guardians of people with mental illnesses.

“For those who are fathers to children and taking into account the duration of our continued presence on the frontlines, many questions arise that are ignored by command.”

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