Logan Airport struggling with flight cancellations, delays for third straight day

BOSTON – Multiple airlines canceled or delayed dozens of flights for a third straight day at Logan Airport Saturday, according to Flight Aware.

Thousands of flights across the U.S. have been canceled or delayed due to bad weather and staff shortages as the holiday weekend began.

At Logan, several passengers had to spend the night at the airport as they struggled to rebook flights.

“We were supposed to get home late in Denver and then they canceled our flight and they couldn’t book us on another flight until today, this evening,” Ellie Burton told WBZ-TV. 

It started Thursday night when flights were temporarily grounded. The ripple effects lasted all day Friday and into Saturday.

Joseph Mascotti was supposed to head to Jacksonville on Thursday. “There was a delay because we didn’t have a pilot, the pilot ran out of hours,” he said. “Then at the end, they were like actually, the FAA has put a halt on all flights leaving from Boston.”

He now hopes to get out of Logan on Saturday.

Passengers have been forced to decide whether it is worth it to get a hotel or sleep at the airport.

“I have some family friends here that I was able to stay with thankfully,” said Mascotti. “If I had a hotel then the expenses would be outrageous.” 

If you’re heading to Logan Airport, you can check your flight status here.

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