Jussie Smollett releases song ‘Thank You God’ after being freed from jail with lyrics about ‘killing his reputation’

ACTOR Jussie Smollett released new music on Friday after he was released from prison just weeks ago.

The former Empire star released a single on Friday called Thank God, with some verses that seem to point to his recent law-related situations.

Some of the lyrics of the new song point to Jessie’s situation


Some of the lyrics of the new song point to Jessie’s situationCredits: Instagram / jussiesmollett

“You think I’m stupid enough to kill my reputation?” some of the verses of the new song say.

“Some people are chasing that influence.”

Jussie also sings, “As if they’re hellishly inclined not to solve a crime / Removing the elements of race and trance and homophobia that directly take lives / But turn around and act like I’m the one who killed the steps.”

Jussie was released from prison three weeks ago after he was found guilty of staging a 2019 hate crime attack.

He was originally charged after an alleged fake attack in January 2019, but those charges were later dropped.

The dismissal angered Chicago officials, and Special Prosecutor Dan Webb was appointed to investigate the case.

Smollett claimed to have been the target of a racist and homophobic attack, but police say he paid two black friends $ 3,500 to help him stage the attack.

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