Jif peanut butter recall handled poorly, says Middleboro man with salmonella symptoms

MIDDLEBORO — Some Jif Peanut Butter products have been recalled after more than a dozen people have become sick nationwide. According to the FDA, the peanut butter may be contaminated with salmonella. 

At least one of those people is from Massachusetts. 

Michael Kane of Middleboro contacted WBZ-TV, saying he has symptoms of a salmonella infection. He’s not happy about how the recall was handled. 

“It made me even sicker when I read about it. I kept looking at the label for a while and I figured ‘no, none of that fits, but then finally I saw the numbers are right in the groups,” Kane said. 

“I think I’m madder that they’re calling it a voluntary recall and then they say ‘if you have this, throw it away.’ I think they need to make it right somehow. I don’t know the type of numbers they sell but I bet you they sell a hundred thousand bottles. So they get their money from the stores for it, I paid the store for it, I bring it home, I get sick, throw it away. Meanwhile, they made their money, the stores made their money and they call it a voluntary recall like ‘hey look what we’re doing, we’re getting ahead of this,'” he continued.

It’s unclear if Kane’s illness is included in the CDC’s total, but the agency said it is likely that there are many other cases who got sick. 

For a full list of the recalled items, visit the FDA’s website.  

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