I’m mid size & ordered a summer fashion haul from ASOS – it was a complete disaster

ONLINE shopping can be a quick and easy way to get new clothes, but sometimes it can also be a total disaster – as was the case for on TikToker.

Everyone knows the struggle of ordering something you think looks gorgeous online but when it arrives it was clearly made for someone with a completely different body type.

Despite being 5'4 this dress was still way too short for Jade


Despite being 5’4 this dress was still way too short for JadeCredit: Jade – Tiktok
Another problem occurred when she tried on this suit - it was far too long


Another problem occurred when she tried on this suit – it was far too longCredit: Jade – Tiktok

After her ASOS summer fashion haul arrived, TikToker Jade discovered that none of the clothes really fit her right.

Jade posted the haul to her TikTok account, @bella.inizio, in a video which she describes as an “honest mid size ASOS haul.”

We all know the struggle of finding something that looks beautiful and then putting it on only to discover we’d have to stand completely still when wearing it for it to work as an outfit, and the green jumpsuit Jade tries on first demonstrates this perfectly.

The green jumpsuit may look nice, but it barely allows for any movement, as can be seen when Jade attempts to lift her arms and legs.

The next item in Jade’s haul is a dress that is way too short, leaving her asking, “why? I am 5’4, why is this so outrageously short?”

On the end of the spectrum the next clothing item, a blazer and trouser combo, are far too long.

“Even if I go on my tippies as high as I can go, they’re still on the floor. What is this?” Jade asks, “It’s really cute.” 

Her next item is a midi dress and wearing this Jade says: “She’s pulled as tight as she can be, there is no give anywhere and yet, she gapes.”

Sympathising with Jade, commenters on the clip shared their own experiences with online shopping.

“I do not understand how they apparently make trousers for 6ft women and yet the skirts are for children,” wrote one commenter.

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Another added: “Seriously why are dresses SO SHORT? I’m not 20 and I need stuff I can wear for work/around family/with a slight breeze.”

“This is literally my life! I HATE ordering online,” wrote a third.

The dress may look nice but it didn't quite fit right


The dress may look nice but it didn’t quite fit rightCredit: Jade – Tiktok
The jumpsuit Jade ordered didn't really allow for much movement


The jumpsuit Jade ordered didn’t really allow for much movementCredit: Jade – Tiktok

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