I’m an 89-year-old bodybuilder – how I’ve stayed in shape & why you shouldn’t work out these body parts every day

THE world’s oldest competitive bodybuilder shared how he’s stayed in shape at 89 years old – it doesn’t involve training these body parts every day.

The California athlete refuses to let his age slow him down after Guinness World Records deemed him the oldest competitive bodybuilder in 2018.

Jim Arrington is the oldest competitive bodybuilder at 89


Jim Arrington is the oldest competitive bodybuilder at 89Credit: YOUTUBE/ MrYorkieLover Fitness Entertainment
Arrington said the secret to success is finding a routine that works for you


Arrington said the secret to success is finding a routine that works for youCredit: YOUTUBE/ MrYorkieLover Fitness Entertainment
The bodybuilder also doesn't work the same muscles every day


The bodybuilder also doesn’t work the same muscles every dayCredit: YOUTUBE/ MrYorkieLover Fitness Entertainment
Arrington said he favors a three day split


Arrington said he favors a three day splitCredit: YOUTUBE/ MrYorkieLover Fitness Entertainment

Jim Arrington told Men’s Health that the no-so glamorous secret to lifting for decades is finding what works for you.

Arrington explained that he got this life-changing piece of advice when he was hanging out with Arnold Schwarzenegger at Gold’s Gym in LA.

Gold’s Gym was the place to be for aspiring bodybuilders in the 1970s.

While Schwarzenegger frequented the gym, Arrington said that he gained wisdom from one of The Terminator’s good friends Ken Waller while he was hanging out with the bodybuilders.

Waller won the title of Mr. University in 1975.

“He said the secret to bodybuilding is do what works for you. And I thought to myself, well, thanks a lot,” Arrington told Men’s Health.

After gaining a bit more experience, however, Arrington began to see the wisdom in the simple advice.

“But that is essentially what you’ve got to do,” Arrington said. “Experiment to see what works for you.”

The bodybuilding elder said that you must stay vigilant as techniques may work at one point in your life but not be as effective after a while.

“The main thing your body wants to do is not build extra muscle. So you’ve got to really beat it a whole lot and build a lot of fat at the same time, and then train down to your contest shape,” Arrington explained.

You won’t find Arrington hitting the bench press every day to build his chest either.

After decades of lifting, the competitive gym rat has settled on a three-day split.

“I cut the body up in three sections,” he explained.

“For instance, I would do legs on Monday. And mid-body, including the abs, chest, and the lower and middle back on Wednesday. And then I do shoulders and arms on Friday.”

While pursuing aesthetic excellence for almost 75 years would bore some people to tears, Arrington stays motivated by motivating others.

“For some reason, and I can’t understand it, people seem to be inspired by me. And that keeps me going because that inspires me, that other people can be inspired by me, even though I can’t believe they are!”

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