I’m a yacht stewardess to Russian Oligarchs

A yacht flight attendant serving Russian oligarchs has revealed her most ridiculous demands.

Celebrated by the reality show Below Deck, ‘yacht’ life includes big tips, short work seasons, but VERY demanding guests.

A flight attendant on a luxury superyacht has revealed how demanding guests can be


A flight attendant on a luxury superyacht has revealed how demanding guests can beCredit: Alamy
Demanding millionaires and billionaires keep staff on their feet


Demanding millionaires and billionaires keep staff on their feetCredit: Getty

One flight attendant told the Express that her guests were mostly Russian millionaires and billionaires.

She says: “Big yachts, private ones, most of them are Russian oligarchs … very rich Russians who rent a yacht for a few days.”

And without the limitations of the requirements, there may be some bizarre requirements.

She says: “I was once asked if I could make dolphins jump during sunset. I said I was sorry, but they were already reserved.

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“They’re looking for crazy things. They once asked me if I could go to France for a bottle of champagne that they loved and we were in Italy!”

A crew member has a basic salary of 2,500 pounds a month, but can earn as much as 24,000 pounds in the same period thanks to tips – which are 2,500 pounds a week at the “minimum”.

“Russian clients do not have a good reputation in the yacht industry,” she said.

“They are ‘noveux riche’ so they are very demanding and not very polite … With [some] Russians, we are preparing in advance because they are hard work. “

When it comes to guests, a crew member prefers those that come from family money – as opposed to those who have recently succeeded.

She says: “You can see the difference compared to those who have ‘new money’. They are much more modest.”

According to the insider, Americans are “crazy”, but fun and great tippers.

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While Scandinavians, especially those from Copenhagen, are her favorite guests because they are so “lovely”.

Due to the reliance on Russian money, the war in Ukraine affected the industry, and the flight attendant explained that many lost their jobs.

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