I’m a gardening expert – how to get the greenest lawn by mixing kitchen and cleaning items for a DIY spray

MAKE sure your grass is as green as it can get this summer with a simple, two-ingredient spray.

Enjoy a pest-free yard by making your own insecticidal soap with two ingredients you have at home.

A two-ingredient spray will help rid your lawn of pests


A two-ingredient spray will help rid your lawn of pests

This product will protect the lawn from aphids and spider mites, which can ruin a garden.

All you’ll need is vegetable oil, unscented dish soap, and a spray bottle, according to a recent article by The Delite.

Mix one cup of vegetable oil with one tablespoon of unscented dish soap.

For every cup of water you put in the spray bottle, add two teaspoons of the oil and soap mixture.

Use the spray bottle to evenly coat grass and leaves of any of your plants.

The quick hack involving products you already have comes as Matthew Clague from Speedy shared advice on how to prepare your outdoor space for the summer season.

Clague suggests starting with paint.

An inexpensive way to transform a space, a single can of paint can go a long way in touching up sheds, fences, and furniture.

“Before applying paint, make sure the surface is dry and brush away any dust and debris,” said Clague.

If you have $20 to spare, you can purchase a pair of aerator shoes that make it easy to poke holes in your lawn.

Aeration allows water, air, and nutrients to reach the grassroots in your lawn, making for healthier grass.

Slip your feet into a pair of aerator shoes and go for a walk around the lawn to get some cardio and improve your grass’s condition.

Flattening out bumpy ground can be done at any time of the year, but the gardening experts at The Daily Express reported it is best to get started in spring.

Start with smaller bumps (less than one inch) and simply use your foot to press them firmly down.

If you have holes made by animals, fill them with topsoil, compressing the earth with your foot to create a solid surface.

Make sure to water the areas well to encourage new grass to grow to create a seamless finish.

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