I’m a gardening expert – exact time to water plants every day with a MAJOR exception, go check their leaves now

ROUTINE is crucial for any household, and for the plants around and inside it.

As a general rule, you should water your plants at the same time every day, but there’s an exception to be on the lookout for – check your plants’ leaves when in doubt.

Water your plants at the same time every day, with one exception, experts said


Water your plants at the same time every day, with one exception, experts saidCredit: Getty

According to the experts at Better Homes & Gardens, you need to water your plants regularly, even if you live in a moist climate.

“The best time to water outdoor plants is in the morning when temperatures are usually cooler,” the experts explained.

“This gives the plants time to absorb the water so they can get through a long, hot day.”

If you aren’t an early bird or can’t water in the morning, you can still plan your watering strategically.

Water in the late afternoon or early evening, when it’s cool but not dark out. Try not to water at night.

“Night-time watering is not ideal because your plants’ leaves may not be able to dry off as quickly as other times of day,” the experts warned. “Wet leaves are more susceptible to diseases.”

And speaking of leaves, you need to monitor your plants – the moment they begin to wilt, it’s time to water them.

Don’t wait until the next morning to water drooping plants.

“Go ahead and water them right away, but keep the leaves dry as much as possible,” the experts wrote.

Wilting can weaken your plants, so if your plants wilt repeatedly, they’re less likely to withstand pests or rough weather.

If regular watering just isn’t in the cards for you, invest in technology that makes it automatic.

Add water stakes to indoor plants and research drip irrigation or soaker hoses for outdoors.

“You can set them to run on a timer and they will deliver water directly into the soil, not on the leaves,” the pros at Better Homes & Gardens added.

“This makes your water go a lot farther because it lessens evaporation.”

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