I laughed out loud at my brother’s baby name – he’s fuming but it sounds like male genitalia

WHEN naming a tot, inspiration can be drawn from anywhere, making for quite unique names.

One man’s choice of baby name was so eccentric that their sibling thought they had to be joking.

One Reddit poster's brother wanted to name their baby after a video game character


One Reddit poster’s brother wanted to name their baby after a video game character

Taking to Reddit to find out if they were in the wrong, a poster who goes by @WashedOutTo_Sea on social media explained that his sister-in-law and brother are expecting a baby girl.

They decided to hold a family gathering mainly to talk and discuss baby names.

They said that initially, all the names seemed fine and normal.

“There were a few suggestions that I thought [were] odd such as Hermione, those names with unnecessary ‘Leigh’, but they were still meh, but then it happened,” they said.

“My brother suggested the names Chica, Mangle, and I kinda forgot the last one, but I think it was Ballora?”

They laughed at first because they thought their brother was joking, but in reality, he was serious.

The brother got mad at them for laughing, so the event ended early.

Now some family members are saying they are in the wrong for laughing.

The poster said they felt bad, acknowledging that their brother liked those names because they were based on video game characters.

People in the comments sections shared their opinions on the matter.

With a strong stance, someone wrote: “Not everyone needs to be named Sarah/John/etc, but parents should not be putting their kids at a disadvantage due to a name that they think is cool or something. Be thoughtful.”

Another person with a similar opinion said: “You’re just looking out for that baby.

“An obvious fandom name like that is gonna be very unusual and will quickly become dated and odd.

“It’s so ludicrous that I don’t think I can blame you for thinking it was a joke.”

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“You reacted like most people will. My brother seriously wants to name his daughter Blade!” another person added.

“If someone told me they were considering those names, I would assume they were joking as well,” said a final person.

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