I have one wife and seven girlfriends – people troll me saying she’ll cheat but we trust each other MORE now

THERE’S more to love in this relationship between one man, his wife, and his seven girlfriends.

Arthur and Luana are happily married in a polyamorous relationship and with Arthur’s seven girlfriends.

Arthur and Luana are married with seven girlfriends


Arthur and Luana are married with seven girlfriends

After the couple started dating, they also started working out together.

Arthur had an incredible transformation and his confidence skyrocketed, which gave him the push to ask Luana about the possibility of bringing other women into the relationship.

Luana says her goal in the marriage is to make Arthur happy, and as long as he’s happy so is she.

She also loves the girls, and she “dates” the girls when he’s not around.

The couple says they’ve gotten closer and trust each other more since the other women joined the relationship.

“We’ve always had trust but it’s so much more now,” says Luana.

“This made us stronger as individuals and as husband and wife.”

The women — Tania, Lorena, Kyara, Melina, Emelly, Cyntia, and Thayanne — say Arthur gives all of them equal attention and makes sure all their needs are met.

All the women seem to fawn over Arthur, all agreeing he’s intelligent, attractive, kind, and all-around incredible.

However, jealousy can flare up if Arthur seems to be spending a little more time with one specific person.

The group tied the knot with a ceremony to seal the deal. Arthur and Luana kissed at the altar, as the rest of the women smooched each other.

Arthur admits it was hard remembering all the names when the new relationships started.

The couple recently introduced Arthur’s grandmother to the rest of the girlfriends.

He says his family doesn’t approve of the relationship, but they do tolerate it.

His grandmother said all though she doesn’t approve of it because of her culture and her religion, she does respect his feelings.

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