I dislocated my finger after I tripped

MOTHER sprained her finger after tripping over a loose paving slab.

Debbie Rees ’bones were left protruding at an angle in her stomach after the fall in Bridgend, South Wales – and she says the blame lies entirely with the council for failing to solve the problem.

Debbie Rees sprained her finger when she tripped on a loose paving slab


Debbie Rees sprained her finger when she tripped on a loose paving slabCredit: DELIVERED – Debbie Rees
X-ray of my mother's finger sticking out at an angle


X-ray of my mother’s finger sticking out at an angleCredit: DELIVERED – Debbie Rees

The 54-year-old was out with her daughter Jemma in the town of Maesteg when she rolled over.

Luckily, she managed to catch herself before hitting her head, but Debbie remained “bruised and swollen” with her finger turned in the wrong direction.

The nasty dislocation led to her being urgently transferred to the hospital for emergency care – and now she desperately wants the authorities to react so that the same thing does not happen again to someone else.

Debbie, from nearby Caerau, told WalesOnline: “We were in Wetherspoons for coffee and we were going back to the car park.

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“We were just walking ready to go around the corner next to the Blue Pearl and that was the last thing I remember.

“I didn’t hit my head, but I injured my shoulder, sprained my finger and rubbed my knees.

“The bruise is terrible and swollen. Everything is tied up and I have to go back to the fracture clinic when he goes for an X-ray again.”

Debbie’s husband Ian reported the uneven sidewalk to his local councilor and shared the warning with others on Facebook.

The plaque, which has reportedly already been highlighted as a potential hazard, is located near a pedestrian crossing, meaning it is used frequently.

Ian said, “I just want to thank the staff at Blue Pearl, the builders at City Hall and everyone else who helped my wife after she fell in front of Blue Pearl.

“Obviously, she is not the first to fall on a broken paved slab, which has been reported to the council for several weeks.

“A few cuts and bruises and a sprained finger. It could have been a lot worse. Thank you all.”

His post came across a multitude of comments from people encouraging Debbie to make the claim.

One woman added that she also “almost took off” a few weeks ago when she fell “on her face” next to a zebra.

Maestega councilor Ross Thomas said he, too, reported the problem, which he described as “needing urgent attention” because “the set-up has clearly failed”.

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A spokesman for Bridgend Municipal Council said: “A local member reported a cracked plaque on April 6 at this location.

“It was checked and confirmed by the highway staff on April 7 and is currently in the process of being repaired.”

Debbie's loose paving slab overturned in Maesteg, Bridgend, South Wales


Debbie’s loose paving slab overturned in Maesteg, Bridgend, South WalesCredit: DELIVERED – Debbie Rees
An irregular pavement has reportedly already been reported as dangerous


An irregular pavement has reportedly already been reported as dangerousCredit: DELIVERED – Debbie Rees

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