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Do you consider yourself a true gourmet? How much do you know about the Caribbean culinary tradition? Let our trivia section put you to the test

In the Caribbean, the culinary tradition of the four continents is combined with delicious local ingredients to create a menu full of spices and flavors. Do you consider yourself a true gourmet? Test your knowledge of the regional food tradition with our quiz – and check your score in the answers below!

  1. What is the name of the key ingredient in Guyana pepper that preserves the dish at the same time – allowing it to stay on the stove for weeks, months, and even years – and gives it a distinctive taste?
  2. Jamaica’s national dish includes two ingredients from other parts of the world – what are they?
  3. What is the traditional accompaniment to roasted flying fish in Barbados?
  4. The chili pepper variety that is often considered the hottest in the Caribbean is named after a village in southern Trinidad – what is it called?
  5. The traditional Cuban dish Moros y Cristianos includes which two main ingredients?
  6. Which seafood delicacy is considered the national dish of the Bahamas?
  7. Originally from the Pacific, the bread fruit was first introduced to the Caribbean in 1793 – to which island?
  8. Which fruit is considered to be the sweetest and most delicate version of Antigua – and which even appears on the coast of the country?
  9. What is the name of a mountain mushroom originally from Haiti that is used to flavor a delicious rice dish?
  10. The best place to find traditional Javanese food in Suriname is one of the family restaurants within the private house – what are their names?


1. Kasarip, made of cassava

2. Ackee – native to West Africa and now farmed in the Caribbean – and salted fish, or salted cod, commonly imported from Canada

3. Cou cou, made from corn flour and okra

4. Moruga scorpion

5. Black beans and rice

6. Koncha, often served peeled and fried

7. St Vincent

8. Black pineapple Antigua

9. Djon-jon

10. Warungs – the village of Blauwgrond north of Paramarib is famous for them

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