Humiliated Putin battered as Kremlin troops ‘evaporate’ in Kyiv but genocide fears grow in east

Ukraine ‘wins’ in war, says Russian expert

Mark Voyger, of the Transatlantic Defense and Security Program at the Center for European Analysis, spoke to Sky News today

Voyger said: “Ukraine wins it on the ground, tactically, operationally, internationally, strategically.

“I will say that the information war is definitely critical.

“Unfortunately, you know, Putin is still in power and winning the war at home.

“He is slowly but surely reconstructing the Soviet system – a totalitarian system that forbids any disagreement and stifles access to free information.

“So, internationally, Ukraine is winning.

“Domestically speaking, Russia is winning, until we are able to penetrate this thick wall of lies and propaganda and convince the Russian people that it is bad even for the Russians.”

Mr Voyger said NATO should patrol the Black Sea.

“The Black Sea is now turning into a Russian lake, just as the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov was, and the Black Sea is actually shared by several NATO members: Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey.

“That is why I would say that in the end we have to do it.

“If there is no no-fly zone, if we feel reluctant to impose it, we can do something about the no-go zone, if you will, in the Black Sea, because Russia is targeting international navigation.”

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