“Grinch” stole hundreds of Easter baskets before annual Long Island egg hunt

CORAM, NY – The search for the Grinch, who stole hundreds of Easter baskets for the annual egg hunt this weekend on Long Island, is underway.

The organizer of the event for children in need said Jennifer McLaughlin from CBS2 that her family was blessed with the work of the community.

Philane Aiken’s children were to help organize the annual Easter egg hunt. But when their volunteer mother entered the historic Mott House in Coram, she was robbed.

The burglars grabbed everything they could and fled with the treats.

“Over 100 donated Easter baskets from several sponsors who helped us hunt in the community, over 5,000 pre-filled eggs,” Aiken said.

Aiken rents part of this as a vacation studio where she is known for her family Easter photos and contacts with the community. Every April, hundreds of happy children enjoy her free pre-Easter family egg hunt.

“We have the only chocolate bunny on Long Island,” Aiken said.

Buster, the bunny, had to explain to the children that egg hunting was ruled out this year.

“I am very emotional to be honest with you,” Aiken said.

Social networks exploded with kindness. Suddenly, dozens of good-natured neighbors started leaving dozens of eggs, sweets and baskets.

“Honestly, it’s a win-win situation when so many people know about you and care about you and want to help,” said volunteer Tiaviana Stevens.

Law enforcement agencies are also helping. Detectives from Suffolk County have a video from their public security office and businesses across the street showing burglars entering. Several tips were invited.

In addition to Easter supplies, thieves also stole camera equipment, lights and laptops, but not the heart and soul of the community. Saturday is good at Granny Road Park in Medford.

“The smiles of all the children on their faces. I love the children, I love them. I will jump with them,” said volunteer Nekirah Stevens.

“People have had fun filling eggs in their homes. It’s really, really wonderful to see how many people support us, so we can still make our egg hunting in the community, hopefully, a great success,” Aiken said.

Together they will jump the bunny path.

Buster’s Easter egg hunt is scheduled for Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Granny Road Park in Medford.

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