Gov. Hochul says lawmakers have reached “conceptual” agreement on $220 billion state budget

NEW YORK – There was progress in Albania on Thursday.

Gov. Kathy Hochul announced that after a week’s delay, there is a conceptual agreement on a new state budget, CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reported.

This is the first budget of the governor and she was happy to finally be able to say that all the quarrel with the state legislators finally paid off.

“The long-awaited day has come,” Hochul said.

Despite the one-week delay, the $ 220 billion budget was filled with a number of things that were important to the governor. At the top of the list, given concerns about public safety, was bail reform and changes to the law that would allow judges to keep on bail people accused of gun crimes, hate crimes and repeat offenders.

“It is an important step to give our local leaders the changes they need to make our communities, as well as their communities, safer,” Hochul said.

Governor Kathy Hochul reveals the “conceptual agreement” on the 2023 budget


But there are many other things to celebrate, including a $ 2.1 billion middle-class tax cut affecting 6.1 million people, property tax breaks and a response for those under stress due to rising gas prices.

“I have to put my card back in because I have exceeded the $ 100 limit,” a Melville resident told CBS2 recently.

“Everything grows except your salary,” added Jesse Robledo of Oyster Bay.

A new budget brings unloading at the pump in the form of a gas tax holiday that will last for six months, from June 1 to December 31. Drivers will save 16 cents per gallon and $ 585 million in total savings.

And there are more reasons to celebrate. Restaurants will be right for the sale of cocktails and other alcoholic beverages with orders in progressa move first allowed during the first 15 months of the pandemic.

The new contract will last for three years. Drinks must be sold in closed containers and may only be sold with food, but full bottles of wine or beverages may not be sold.

“We want to continue to bring relief to these small businesses and local restaurants,” Hochul said. “They have indeed borne the brunt of the closure and restrictions of the pandemic.”

The governor and legislature have also added $ 7 billion to child care.

“Through our investments, we will be able to open the door to childcare for more than half of young people in New York,” Hochul said.

As the governor said, this is a conceptual agreement. Some things are still being worked out. The deputies hope that some of the laws will start to be adopted on Thursday night, but it is not clear how long it will last.

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