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Emmerdale horror star Laura Norton as her hair ‘falls into a lump’

EMMERDALE star Laura Norton recounted a terrifying moment when her hair fell out “in lumps”.

Actress Kerry Wyatt, 38, bravely recounted her battle with hair loss – which began when she was just 16 and dealt her a devastating blow when she joined the soap.

In an open letter published in New magazine, Laura explained that she started taking synthetic hormones to cope with her “terrible” periods.

She said, “What they never told me was that certain pills are heavy for testosterone and attack hair follicles, making hair thinner and weaker, and then fall out.”

The actress revealed that things got really bad when she joined the ITV soap opera.

Laura wrote, “I got my dream job playing Kerry Wyatt in Emmerdale and – boom – my hair was falling out in lumps.”

She added: “Thank you to the universe, great moment! It wasn’t great for the old confidence. “

However, Laura said things improved significantly when she contacted her local trichologist – a hair doctor – in Newcastle, where she lived at the time.

She said she was given drops for hormones and a supply of ferritin, which helps your body store iron.

The star also received a version of the pill that was “adapted to her hair” to replace the ones she had taken before and her hair began to recover.

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