Do adults sleep better alone or with someone else in bed?

BOSTON – Do you think adults sleep better alone or with someone else in the bed? The answer may surprise you.

You would think that if you have a whole bed to yourself, you’d be more likely to get a good’s night sleep than if you have someone sleeping right beside you who might toss and turn or snore. Turns out, that’s not true. 

Researchers at the University of Arizona looked at data on more than 1,000 working-age adults and found those who shared a bed with a partner most nights reported less severe insomnia, less fatigue, and more time asleep than those who never share a bed.

They also reported being more satisfied with their relationships as well as lower levels of stress, depression, and anxiety. 

The theory is sleeping with others may help people feel safer and more secure. However, those who slept with a child most nights reported worse sleep including greater insomnia, sleep apnea risk, and less control over their sleep.

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