Dancers take to the stage in NYC to raise money and awareness for Ukraine

NEW YORK – Professional dancers from the city and abroad came on stage on Saturday for a one-night performance to collect humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

Several of them, including one refugee, shared their personal stories with Jenna DeAngelis from CBS2.

The couple put their heart into the performance, but even doing what they love, they could not divert attention from the family in Ukraine.

“The last six weeks have been a complete nightmare. My life has completely turned upside down because my family is in Mariupol,” said Antonina Skobina, a dancer from Brooklyn.

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Skobina shared a photo of her hugging her mother and wanting nothing more than to do it again. She has not had contact with her family since the beginning of March.

I know my grandfather passed away in mid-March from lack of medication, Skobina said.

“The war is still going on and it’s easy to get tired of it, but we’d just ask people to keep helping as much as they can because it’s not over yet,” dancer Denys Drozdyuk said.

That is what the benefit of the Florence Gould Hall Theater was – raising awareness and money for Ukraine.

“Everything goes to the Friend Fund, which directly buys medical supplies, food, clothes for mothers, babies and the military,” said Kimberly Giannelli, co-producer for IHeartDanceNYC, an initiative launched during the pandemic to help bring players back. on stage.

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Now, the organization is using the power of dance to unite for Ukraine. Every performance is so touching and every dancer has a story about why he is on stage.

Lisa Bidelko, an 11-year-old refugee, left Kiev with her parents and siblings.

“They cried and were afraid,” Bidelko said.

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Another couple left their jobs at a prestigious ballet company in Russia.

“To see what is happening in Ukraine, we want to leave Russia,” said dancer Adrian Mitchell.

“We can’t really help, but we can dance,” Andrea Lassakova added.

They all dance to make a difference, step by step.

All the dancers donated their time and talents to be a part of the show and performed in the sold-out theater.

Tickets ranged from $ 100 to $ 300 for the event. Even if you haven’t attended the show, you can help. Please click here and here.

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