Courtney Tailor updates – Inside Miami OnlyFans star’s Instagram with ‘innocent’ post before Christian Toby death

AN OnlyFans model and influencer Courtney Tailor has been accused of allegedly killing her boyfriend in Miami, and now her Instagram offers gruesome details about the weeks before the horrific incident.

Taylor, real name Courtney Clenney, allegedly stabbed Christian Toby Obumseli to death in their Miami apartment, police said.

Police responded to a 9-1-1 call from Clenney on April 3, 2022, around 5 p.m., where they found her boyfriend stabbed once in the shoulder.

First aid members took Obumselija, 27, to a nearby hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Her recent posts on Instagram offer an insight into the days before the murder, and the model shared a photo and the caption “Another innocent post on Sunday” just weeks before Obumseli’s death.

Clenney was detained at the police station after the sting and is now in a mental health treatment center after officers said she threatened to kill herself. An investigation into Obumseli’s death is ongoing.

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  • Real name Courtney Tailor

    Courtney Tailor is the model and influencer of OnlyFans who is believed to have killed her boyfriend Christian Toby Obumseli.

    The tailor’s real name is Courtney Clenney.

  • ‘innocent’ revelation

    Just a few weeks before her boyfriend’s death, Courtney Taylor shared a photo on Instagram in which she wrote: “Another innocent post on Sunday.”

  • Who is Christian Obumseli?

    Obumseli moved to Miami, Texas to be with Taylor. He had a promising career in cryptocurrencies.

    The couple reportedly dated more than a year before breaking up in March.

    His family wrote on his GoFundMe page that he was “extremely sympathetic with the desire to always raise those around him”.

  • Planned content

    Although she was detained for 72 hours starting on April 3, there was still content posted on Tailor’s OnlyFans on April 4.

    The link to her profile has since been removed from her Instagram biography.

  • Unhappy last post

    The latest post on Obumseli’s Instagram account is a series of photos in which he and Taylor hold hands and kiss.

    The photo is from September 2021.

  • Increase the number of followers

    Although she was attacked by fans in the comments, Taylor’s backup Instagram account has gained over 2,000 followers since news of the murder surfaced.

    Comments on her accounts are limited.

    Popular podcast presenter Bailey Sarian commented on Taylor’s latest post: “Are you the one who stabbed her boyfriend to death?”

    Sarian covers the real crime in his podcasts and YouTube videos.

  • Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ Act

    This controversial law makes it extremely difficult to indict or convict when someone claims to be defending themselves.

    It is known to have been used in the case of Trayvon Martin, who was a teenager when he was killed by neighborhood volunteer George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida.

    According to the law, Zimmerman was found not guilty in self-defense.

  • ‘She pushed to the ground and grabbed her by the neck’

    Taylor told police she stabbed Obumseli only after he pushed her to the ground and grabbed her by the neck.

    It was only two days after the previous call of the police due to a family quarrel.

  • The couple broke up

    The couple reportedly divorced in March. The seamstress visited to help her, because she said that she was afraid to leave the apartment because Obumseli was trying to find his way to the building and sleep in the common rooms, reports the Miami Herald.

    Police were called to the apartment on April 1 due to a family quarrel.

    Officers noticed bruises on Taylor’s arms and legs, but there were no arrests at the time.

  • Claim in self-defense, continued

    Prieto called Taylor a “survivor of domestic violence” and asked the community and Christian’s family to allow police to conduct an independent investigation into the incident.

    “This is a tragedy for everyone involved, but it was not a crime; Courtney defended herself and the investigation will reveal just that. “

  • A claim to self-defense

    Taylor’s lawyer says that she “fought for her life” during the family dispute and that she acted in self-defense.

    “At the time of the incident, Mr Obumseli committed a violent crime. He had access to Courtney’s apartment without permission on several occasions in the days leading up to this incident.”

  • The allegation of human trafficking

    Prieto says she believes Tailor was the real victim in this case because she suffered “physical, emotional and mental abuse by Mr Obumseli”, while also suggesting that she may have been a “victim of human trafficking”.

  • A tailor clashed at a hotel in Miami

    A video of Taylor appeared on Friday night in the lobby of the Grand Beach Hotel in Miami, TMZ reports.

    The person filming begins to claim that Taylor has no right to be there since her boyfriend was just killed.

    Tailor’s lawyer Frank Prieto confirmed that it was her on the video, but defended her by saying that she was there with her father and that the two of them were trying to have a drink alone.

  • The tailor looks ragged in the photo, part three

    Court documents reviewed by The Sun also show that she was previously sued by a woman after a car accident on August 30, 2018, while driving on the S Mopac highway in Austin.

    The prosecutor accused her of inflicting personal injuries, material damage and loss of use of her vehicle, according to Travis County submissions.

    But the plaintiff later dismissed the lawsuit after all issues between the parties were “compromised and resolved.”

  • The tailor looks ragged in the photo, he continued

    Details of the arrest were not immediately available from the Austin Police Department, but documentation from Travis County shows that Clenney retained attorney Meryl Anthes, and a pre-trial conference is scheduled for June 15, 2022.

    It is not yet known whether she pleaded guilty before the trial.

    Her video shows a blue influencer with smudged eye makeup and messy hair, with a blue mask tucked under her chin during a pandemic.

    She seems to smile slightly as she looks away from the camera in a shocking picture taken two years before her boyfriend’s tragic death.

  • The tailor looks ragged in the photo

    Onlyfans model Courtney Clenney looked disheveled in the photo after she was arrested for an earlier DUI.

    The Sun can exclusively reveal the 25-year-old internet star, who has yet to be charged with the death of 27-year-old Christian Obumseli, who was due to stand trial in June.

    Court documents show that she was arrested on September 16, 2020 for driving under the influence of alcohol, and the bail was set at $ 8,000, plus an unknown fee for installing an ignition blocker in her vehicle – which measures the level of alcohol.

  • Friends talk

    Friends have revealed to various media that Courtney Kleney and her boyfriend recently moved from Austin, Texas to Miami, Florida.

    And mutual friends of the couple told ABC affiliates that fierce quarrels are common regarding Clenney and Christian Toby Obumseli.

    “We saw her hit him,” said friend Ashley Vaughn. “I never saw him hit her.”

    According to close friends, Obumseli recently moved to the area and lived with Clenney in the One Paraiso apartment building, located in Miami’s Edgewater neighborhood.

  • Who is Courtney Tailor, sequel

    Taylor has appeared in several commercials for Pepsi, Cirrus Logic, Celebration Church and Discount Dollars.

    In addition to appearing in commercials, she has also starred in TV and movies, having minor roles in the films American Psycho, The Lying Game, Unstalkable and Boyhood.

    Probably her most famous role was in the 2016 film Everybody Wants Some !!

    In late 2015, she recorded for Playboy magazine.

  • Who is Courtney Tailor?

    Courtney Tailor is a OnlyFans model and influencer accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death.

    She was born in Midland, Texas, on April 21, 1996.

    She became known as a model, actress and fitness influencer, largely thanks to her Instagram account where she posted fitness videos and gathered followers from more than two million followers.

    Taylor has also participated in numerous national competitions as a competitive bikini athlete.

  • Tailor called ‘killer’ and ‘disgusting’ on Instagram

    In her latest post on Instagram, people turned to comments on Instagram by Courtney Taylor to accuse her of killing her boyfriend.

    “Killer !!! You killed your boyfriend !! ” one person claimed.

    “Disgusting,” others commented, and other people responded with remarks from “Killers” with “likes” to thousands of answers by Friday afternoon.

  • The seamstress was seen dancing and revealing future plans before ‘killing the boy’

    The OnlyFans star accused of killing her boyfriend appears to have been talking about her future plans to have children hours before her arrest over her partner’s death.

    Courtney Clenney held questions and answers with fans and posted on her Instagram account the day Christian Obumseli was found dead, TMZ reports.

    In it, Clenney – known on social media as Courtney Tailor – asks where she sees herself in five years.

    She tells her companions that she would love children and “a few houses” and a job.

  • Instagram Q&A hours before arrest, continued

    The influencer looked in the same clothes on the Instagram photo as in the shocking videos that TMZ received, in which the influencer seemed to be seen in a black crop top and white pants covered in blood.

    In Q&A, she also spoke about her support for the police, telling her companions: “Yes [support them]”, But adding:” They didn’t help me. “

    Clenney was also asked about going to the gym and her plans for her first summer in Miami, telling fans she plans to exercise, go to the beach and “live my life because I’m blessed.”

    She also discussed multiple plastic surgeries.

  • Instagram Q&A hours before the arrest

    Courtney Clenney, aka Courtney Tailor, appears to have been talking about her future plans to have children just hours before her arrest over the death of Christian Toby Obumseli.

    Taylor, 25, held questions and answers with fans on her Instagram account on the day Christian was found dead, TMZ reported.

    In the video, Tailor was asked where she sees herself in five years.

    She told her companions that she would love children and “little houses” and work.

  • Movie roles Courtney Tailor

    Courtney Tailor, real name Courtney Clenney, has had minor roles in the films American Psycho, The Lying Game, Unstalkable and Boyhood.

    Her IMDB page lists the 2016 film Everybody Wants Some !! as the film for which she is “famous”.

  • ‘I never come home’

    Christian Toby Obumseli’s cousin, Karen Egbun’s lawyer, told WPLG ABC affiliates that the older cousin had just learned of the 27-year-old’s shocking death.

    She said: “We finally told our 93-year-old grandmother that her grandson, who was expected to return home to Texas for his 28th birthday, would never return home.”

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