CNN’s Christi Paul holds back tears during emotional goodbye as she reveals family heartbreak behind decision to quit

CNN’S Christi Paul signed off on Sunday for the last time after a nearly 20-year career at the broadcaster.

Since January of 2014, Christi has been “the heart” of the weekend show she anchors, New Day Weekend, according to the company.

Christi Paul leaves CNN after an almost 20-year career


Christi Paul leaves CNN after an almost 20-year careerCredit: CNN
Christi decided to leave Atlanta to spend more time with her family in Ohio


Christi decided to leave Atlanta to spend more time with her family in OhioCredit: Instagram/christipaultv

In a goodbye video created by CNN, Christi was praised for having covered “some of the most memorable stories of our lifetime,” such as the mass shooting in Orlando, Hurricane Harvey, and covid-19.

Christi served as a “hopeful voice during tough times, always looking to the future and never passing up a chance to laugh.”

In her last show, Christi explained the heartbreaking, but important decision to leave the show in Atlanta.

“I am a part of the Great Resignation. Back in 2020 for those of you who might know, my husband had covid. It was really bad for about three-and-a-half weeks and there were moments when I thought I was going to be a single mom.

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“Like many of you, I didn’t see my parents for a year and at some point, my husband and I looked at each other and we just thought ‘What are we doing? We’ve gotta get back home’ and an opportunity came up.

“I’m going home to Ohio. I will be on the air. It will be announced later this week.

“I love these people. I love this place. I am so grateful. And I’m so tired,” she confessed.

“I just could not be who I needed to be for my family, is what it really came down to.

“Let’s be honest, the work we do is important … but at the end of the day somebody’s gonna sit in this seat and I’m gonna leave and the show will go on, as it should.

Christi became emotional at this point: “But nobody else is gonna be my kid’s mom and nobody else is gonna be my husband’s wife or my parent’s children and I need to be fully, fully present there.

Christi found her “TV husband” in her co-host, Victor Blackwell for nine years.

In a video tribute, Victor said, “I’m really happy for you. I’m kinda sad for the rest of us though. We’re gonna miss you on weekend mornings.

“You’re more than just a journalist and an anchor. You brought compassion and warmth to the show. You’ve been the show’s conscience.

“And personally, I want to thank you for your friendship, fun times, not-so-fun times … listen, we’ll still have our FaceTime dates, our breakfast meet-ups.

“I will end though with what you’ve ended every show with for eight-and-a-half years … thank you for some really good memories.”

Boris Sanchez, Christi’s current co-host, followed Victor’s remarks.

“It’s not often you find someone as kind and generous and compassionate as you in this position, as you know this is a very competitive field.

“You’ve maintained this warmth about you that comes across to the viewer and it serves us so well because what we are covering isn’t easy to cover.

“And what you’ve overcome in your personal life, it provides so much just compassion and empathy and it bleeds into our coverage and we are gonna miss you so much.”

Christi has been open with her fans and has shared the most difficult parts of her life in her book, “Love Isn’t Supposed to Hurt.”

She has opened up about her past abusive relationship, and how she felt like she didn’t have “the right to leave.”

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Christi wanted to bring awareness to this issue to end the cycle.

At the end of today’s show, Christi said, “this has been the ride of my life” and told her audience to “make good memories, I mean that!”

Victor Blackwell was Christi's "TV husband" for nine years


Victor Blackwell was Christi’s “TV husband” for nine yearsCredit: Instagram/christipaultv

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