City Council looks to strengthen fire safety rules in wake of Bronx high-rise blaze

NEW YORK – New York City Council on Wednesday introduced a series of laws aimed at ensuring the safety of residents during a fire.

It comes after the tragic January a fire in the Bronx that killed 17 people.

“Today, we are taking steps to strengthen our fire safety protocols and procedures,” said Council member Joann Ariola.

According to Elijah Westbrook of CBS2, members of the working group of the Council for Fire Prevention, Emergency Management and Housing and Buildings call the introduction of new laws one of the most important efforts still to prevent such tragedies as the 9 January. it happens again.

The investigation revealed space heater in the apartment in Twin Parks North West caused a huge fire that killed 17 people.

“If the heater had the right thermostat, the automatic shut-off function, it would have been switched off and the fire would most likely not have started,” said Council member Shahana Hanif.

Nine laws have been passed Wednesday. These include:

  • One that would reduce the amount of time for a landlord to correct an offense to keep or maintain a self-closing door
  • Illegal sale and electric heater that does not turn off automatically when the desired room temperature is reached
  • Building owners must maintain a minimum heating temperature of 62 degrees during the winter months

“We should do everything we can to make it easier for city homeowners, property owners, to make their families safer in their own homes,” said Council member David Carr.

The introduction of new laws follows numerous lawsuits have already been filed against housing companies, investors and investment groups associated with the building, alleging negligence.

Twin Parks North West recently did not comment on the lawsuits or the fire itself, but the company said it wouldContinue working with families to find other housing options for those affected.

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