Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid LIVE RESULT: Karim Benzema nets HAT-TRICK after Edouard Mendy howler

CHELSEA hosts Real Madrid in the replay of the Champions League semi-finals they won last season.

But it seems that this could be a different result this year because Karim Benzema scored a hat-trick.

The Frenchman scored two great headers in the first half for Los Blancos.

Kai Havertz then gave hope to Chelsea by heading home just before half-time.

But a terrible mistake by Edouard Mendy led to Karim Benzema regaining Real Madrid’s two-goal advantage with a simple throw-in.

  • FT: Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    The referee ends the match.

    The Los Blancos took revenge for their defeat at Stamford Bridge last season when they lost 2-0.

    However, only half time is tied with the next game in Madrid.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    90 + 4. Los Blancos fans are still in full swing.

    Carlo Ancelotti’s team will now accompany this match to victory.

    They will return what they have back to Madrid.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    90 + 2. Chelsea has possession and the ball is thrown towards Lukaku.

    He puts it down to Ziyech on his favorite left foot.

    Ziyech takes possession of the ball after a miscued clearance by the defense and capitalized fully on the mistake to make it 1-0.

    Great chance!

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    90. We’ll have five extra minutes here.

    An opportunity for Chelsea to create another chance.

    Hazertz and Nacho fall after head-on collisions.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    89. We entered the last minute of normal time.

    All you can hear now is how Madrid fans are singing.

    They leave Chelsea with a huge task in the return match.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    87. Chelsea has a nice opportunity to score but his shot is not quite accurate and the ball misses the target.

    Reese James tries to swing from the side.

    It’s not a good delivery and Courtois collects the ball too easily.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    85. Benzema leaves the pitch being substituted by Gareth Balea.

    He deservedly received a standing ovation from the fans.

    Valverde comes on to the pitch.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid – James chance!

    83. Reese James manages to hit right to Courtois.

    The man from Madrid manages to save himself.

    Los Blancos throws out the lost ball.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    81. It seems that Madrid will bring the less noticed Bale.

    Today we are more used to seeing the former Tottenham player in a Wales jersey.

    Madrid disappear with possession of the ball.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    79. Even one goal would give Chelsea a much stronger position in the return leg at the Santiago Bernabau.

    They continue to thrive more and more in hope and despair in equal measure right now.

    They just can’t break this wall of white shirts.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    77. Real Madrid passes the ball on the spur of Chelsea.

    I can’t take the ball from Los Blancos right now.

    Chelsea manages to retain possession and step forward.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    75. Carvajal falls after a challenge from Azpilicuete.

    A little management of the game by Madrid.

    Every touch of Chelsea will invite the Spaniards to such a slow game.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    73. Chelsea tries to find a place and must change the game.

    Reese James’s ball is hit and the ball goes out.

    Kroosa replaces Camaving.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    71. Chelsea now have a good period of dominance.

    Lukaku has two very good chances.

    Another goal for the home team could be the titanic end of this game.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid – Lukaku chance!

    69. Excellent cross shot into the penalty area from the left.

    Lukaku is completely unmarked and has a free kick.

    Incredible play of the ball with his head next to the other tripod.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    68. Half a chance for Chelsea as they manage to find Lukaku in the top five.

    With a free kick to the head, the attacker misunderstands everything and hits his head well.

    The replay shows that he headed the wrong side of his head.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    66. Shots are now flying from both sets of players.

    Havertz takes the free-kick when it is fouled by Mendy.

    A chance for Chelsea to start holding more.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    64. Nacho changes Militao.

    Lukaku replaces Pulišić, and Loftus-Cheek replaces Jorginho.

    The final roll of the dice by Tuchel.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    62. Real Madrid try to counter the left wing.

    Reece James uses his pace to cover.

    Chelsea appear in a desire to try to create something.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    60. Militao returned to his feet after treatment.

    It looks like Romelu Lukaku will join us.

    What could we do now with some of his goals.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    58. Havertz has to go deeper and deeper to get the ball.

    When he does, they have no one in the box to use.

    Pulišić tries to send the ball with his left foot, but the ball goes wide.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    56. Chelsea are currently fighting for ideas.

    Madrid is happy to take them to areas where they cannot be harmed.

    The Blues then struggle to create anything that will test Courtois.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    54. Madrid break left with Vinicius Junior.

    Cross in the center shot towards Benzema.

    Azpilicueta is doing well.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    52. Valverde tries to get hold of Courtois’s shot on the out line.

    At some distance it floats above his head.

    When he landed, he almost knocked down his manager on the out line.

  • Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

    50. Thomas Tuchel barked orders from the sideline.

    He doesn’t seem pleased with what he sees on the field.

    Chelsea are still being questioned, but can’t find a way.

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