Broadway and Beyond: “It’s showtime” again for the musical adaptation of “Beetlejuice”

NEW YORK – The fans were talking and Broadway was listening. The musical adaptation of the 1988 film “Beetlejuice” is back.

Lisa Rozner from CBS2 had the opportunity to enter the “Beetle Suite”, a hotel room that has been turned into dozens of stories about the Marquis Theater in the Marriott Marquis, which has been home to the musical “Beetlejuice” since Friday.

“The feeling is amazing. The feeling is valid for our show because we didn’t have to go back,” actor Alex Brightman said.

Brightman returns as Beetlejuice, a role for which he appeared on Broadway 2019 and for which Tony was nominated.

The ghost of the demon’s bio-exorcist wants to see him alive again and haunts the home of teenage girl Lydia Deetz with her dad Charles and life coach Delia.

Newcomer Elizabeth Teeter plays Lydia.

“I like that she’s so determined,” Teeter said. “I think he accepts to be weird and weird, ‘weird and weird,’ as he says, which I think a lot can connect with.”

“She’s a wonderful nerd, which is very easy not to be. She’s a dark character,” Brightman said.

Adam and Barbara Maitland haunt Lydia’s home in their afterlife. The characters used to live there, but died after falling through the floor.

The roles return to David Josefsberg as Adam and Kerry Butler as Barbara.

“Since we stayed at home for two years, now everything affects me like, oh my God, I’m Barbara, I’m afraid to go out and I have to live,” Butler said.

“It’s about taking advantage of the day … and basically, living your life and taking and experiencing things and going for it,” Josefsberg said.

The actors say that the audience must prepare for surprises even after the last act.

“There are, you know, giant sand worms and people who perish through things. I don’t want to reveal too much, but there’s a lot of magic in it and really, it’s beautifully done,” said actor Adam Dannheisser, who plays Charles.

“The set, it’s moving, it’s changing, it’s evolving, it’s getting scary. I think when the audience sees this set for the first time, if you haven’t seen it, it’s so wild,” Brightman said.

They say that fans are moving away from colorful comedy with an honest message.

“It’s about family and I feel like we need it right now. I need it now,” said actress Leslie Rodriguez-Kritzer, who plays Delia.

“There are a lot of jokes, but there are a lot of serious messages that I think are very emotional,” Teeter said.

Last but not least, Butler says, “Wear your costumes because we love it when people get dressed to see the show!”

“It excites us so much. It’s so exciting,” Josefsberg said.

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