As 5th presumptive case of monkeypox is investigated in NYC, here’s more information about how it’s transmitted

NEW YORK – New York City health officials say they’ve identified what appears to be a fifth case of monkeypox. 

It comes as the World Health Organization reports cases have been found in 26 countries. 

CBS2’s Elijah Westbrook has more on how this virus is transmitted, and what we need to watch out for. 

Images of monkeypox are tough to look at, but tell a story. Doctors say large lesions and rashes develop throughout the body. 

Monkeypox is most commonly found in Africa, and spreads through skin-to-skin contact, and some other ways of close contact, including touching contaminated items like clothing or bedding, saliva and respiratory droplets. 

Nearly 650 confirmed cases of the virus are being reported by 26 countries in the latest outbreak, according to the WHO. 

Experts say most patients recover in a few weeks, and while more cases are likely, there’s no reason to worry right now. 

This latest possible case in New York City comes just a couple of weeks after the city’s Health Department investigated its first case

Officials say they’re conducting contact tracing and are closely monitoring those who are symptomatic.

New Yorkers who believe they’re experiencing monkeypox symptoms and do not have a primary care physician can call 844-NYC-4NYC.  

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