America’s Got Talent fans shocked as Simon Cowell puts himself in ‘DANGER’ after knife-weilding act goes horribly wrong

SIMON Cowell shocked America’s Got Talent audiences tonight by joining in with a terrifying knife-throwing stunt.

The talent show legend put himself in danger leaving both viewers and his fellow judges open-mouthed.

Simon Cowell shocked America's Got Talent fans tonight


Simon Cowell shocked America’s Got Talent fans tonight

On tonight’s episode of America’s Got Talent, brothers Tyrone and Michael Laner presented their petrifying act, Blade 2 Blade.

The audience and judges Simon, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum were all stunned as the two tossed knives within inches of each other.

To add to the danger, they added a model in between the duel, and at one point, Heidi believed she saw a knife hit her as it failed to land safely in the pad.

So fans were shocked when Simon decided to take up the brothers’ offer to join them and stand in the middle of the knife-throwing for an encore of the act.

Simon looked scared for his life as his fellow judges watched on in horror.

On Twitter, viewers shared their shock, with one writing: “Simon wanted danger, he got it.”

Another asked: “Simon what are you doing?”

“I cannot believe Simon did that!” shared another.

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