A thirty-year-quiz | Did you even know

This is the thirtieth anniversary of our trivia quiz! Test your knowledge of some of the lively people and places that have appeared on the cover Caribbean Beat

  1. The first Calypsonian to appear on the cover Caribbean Beat broke a long tradition by performing under his own name (not under pretext) and won T&T’s Calypso Monarch title in 1986. Who is he?
  2. What magnificent iconic Guyana waterfall has appeared on the front page on two occasions, nineteen years apart?
  3. The July 2012 cover, which coincides with the London Olympics, prophetically represented the Grenadian athlete who will win the first Olympic gold medal in his country. Who is he?
  4. Over the years, magazine covers have featured wildlife including several birds, jaguars, three monkeys – but only one amphibian, a tree frog from the slopes of Trinidad’s second highest mountain. What is the name of this peak?
  5. The cover from May 2014 shows a diver exploring a flooded limestone cave on the largest island in the Bahamas – what is the name of the island?
  6. The first Barbadian to appear on the cover was the singer of the popular soc band krosfyah – what’s his name?
  7. Our second edition featured a space rocket that exploded from which location in the Caribbean region?
  8. Only one writer appeared on the cover – born in Great Britain to Guyana’s parents, currently living in Grenada, and the author of his debut novel Buxton Spice. Who is she?
  9. What is the name of the Jamaican reggae poetic band that won recognition for its theatrical production Breadfruit is new bread, honey years when they appeared on the cover?
  10. Our oldest topic on the cover is a music legend from Tobago, whose sixty-year career experienced a remarkable international revival in 2016 – who is she?


  1. David Rudder (on the cover of the spring 1994 edition)
  2. Kaieteur Falls (March / April 1996 and March / April 2015)
  3. Kirani James
  4. El Tucuche (July / August 2011)
  5. Andros
  6. Edwin Yearwood (September 1997)
  7. Spatial Guyanais Center in Kourou, French Guiana (Summer 1992)
  8. Oonya Kempadoo (March 2002)
  9. No-Maddz (May 2013)
  10. Calypso Rose, aka Linda McArtha Sandy-Lewis (November 2016)

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