90-year-old woman sounds off on thief who stole her purse on UWS: “I hope he gets a good job”

NEW YORK — A heartless thief targeted an elderly woman on the Upper West Side.

CBS2’s Thalia Perez spoke to the 90-year-old victim, who said inside her stolen purse was something sentimental.

Reiko Barten showed CBS2 the path she enjoyed walking almost daily on West 64th Street near Central Park West until she says a callous thief snatched her purse from her walker.

Police said it happened on May 10 just before 7 p.m.

“He was behind me. I did not see him,” Barten said.

Police released a surveillance video that shows the suspect quickly snag the handbag from behind and run off. Inside that bag was something more important than money.

“My late husband’s niece, she knitted, crocheted a little shawl for me and that was inside,” Barten said.

She said wearing the shawl and thinking of her late husband means more than anything else, adding there wasn’t much cash inside.

“Something of more sentimental value to me but to him, nothing, and he got just $10,” Barten said, laughing.

She said she hopes telling her story prompts her elderly neighbors to be more vigilant, and she added some wise words for whomever stole her bag.

“I hope he gets a good job, so he goes to work, and he has no time to rob people,” Barten said.

Police have posted signs in the neighborhood offering a reward for any information that leads to an arrest.

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